Podcast: Holiday Fitness Tips

I listened to Holiday Fitness Tips on a computer through the website Podcast.com. Below is my review on the podcast.

A) Introduction- Started with catchy tune and welcomed the viewer back. Stated the name of the show, what was going to be discussed today, who was the guest speaker & their occupation.

B) Body- Great amount information and very clear tips for viewer.

C) Organization- Very well organized. The pattern was Questions & then Answers. It helped having the host ask questions & give comments & then have the guest speaker answer & give the tips. By going back and forth, it helps keep the viewer engaged rather than one voice going on & on.

D) Conclusion-The host wraps up the show by thanking the doctor for being a guest speaker & by  saying “For Discovery Health I’m Will Johnson.” But doesn’t inform the viewer what next weeks show will be.

E) Delivery- Well paced. (Helped by using the Q & A). Both spoke very well & clearly. The doctor was very excited to a guest speaker & inform everyone how to be healthy.

F) Sound Effects- There was a clip of music at the beginning but no sound effects during the show. There could of been a few. Some ideas I had were adding some Christmas music or sleigh bells in the back ground to tie into the theme of Holiday Fitness.

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