Open Source Software: GIMP

GIMP is a free software graphics editor. It works as a picture retouching and editing tool. It also does resizing, cropping, and editing photos, combines multiple images, and changes between different picture set-ups.

One thing I found really interesting with GIMP was the “photo manipulation” option. I watched a video on YouYube called Crazy Insane Photo Manipulation in Gimp. In this video, I learned you are able to take a regular picture of hands and then make it look like a forest is growing out of them, and how to add a waterfall and a castle inside the hands. There are many tools such as an eraser and layers to make this creation possible.

Some other fun options I found are photo enhancements, disintegration effect, digital retouching, and even the good old painting tools.

I love taking pictures and changing them to black and white or cropping them, but I’ve never even thought of making works of art out of them, photomontages, or knew how to retouch them. So, GIMP definitely looks like a fun way to explore ways to edit photos.


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