Vodcast Review

Dyann Bakes is a great Vodcast that teaches you step by step how to bake a number of yummy treats.

In the episode I watched, Dyann taught how to make Super Fudge Brownies.

  • Introduction: Fun music in beginning. Explains what she will be making today and the ingredients you will need. But doesn’t tell you what temperature to preheat the oven at until towards the end of the video.
  • Conclusion: She wraps up the show by saying to visit her website & let her know what you thought about the recipe and how your brownies turned out. Then she ends with a fun tag line of “Happy Baking.” But doesn’t tell you what next weeks episode will be about.
  • Body: Dyann gave a good amount of information. She tells you the proportions of the ingredients, when to add them, and how long to stir them.
  • Organization: It was very organized since she did step by step how to prepare the brownies.
  • Delivery: Dyann gave a great job at clearly explaining what to do. Her pacing was just right to allow time for her viewers to follow her steps. To make it more fun, she could have added a little more excitement in her voice or actions. But she did add her personal ideas and descriptions about the food which made it more conversational.
  • Video Quality: Overall, it was good. She had great transitions. But sometimes the camera was a little shaky. So I would’ve used a tripod. I liked how we were able to watch her do everything but that caused her audio to be hard to hear sometimes.
  • Why this Vodcast? I chose this one since I am planning to make a vodcast about cupcakes. So I wanted to get ideas of how to clearly explain how to bake a treat. Dyann’s video attracted me since she explained so well, slowly and clearly  how to make brownies. It wasn’t super fast like some videos can be. It’s a great vodcast for those like me who aren’t amazing at baking and need directions.
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