Slide Share Reflection

In class we viewed each classmate’s Slide Share & took many ideas to add to ours. Here are some things I learned from my classmates:

  • Idea #1: Music-I really liked how Liza incorporated background music that went with her topic. It was the perfect volume (not too loud) so I was still able to hear her speak.
  • Idea #2: Speaking Skills-Tim showed great speaking skills since he had energy and “spoke to us.” It was professional and also got us interested in his Slide Share. Mauren also showed great skills since she was slow and articulated.
  • Idea #3: Great Scripts-One thing I learned from Becca is having a well-written script is essential in order to capture your audience and keep them engaged. Becca’s was very well-written, personalized and funny.

There are a number of things I would do to improve My Slide Share:

  • Slowing Down! In the beginning, I spoke really fast. I know one way I can fix this is by practicing a lot more than I did. I was nervous to record my first ever audio, so I rushed through it.
  • Music– I really liked the idea that Liza had. I felt like my presentation may not have been extremely exciting so by adding some sound, it could help add some character.
  • Speaking Skills-As I described above, Tim’s energy and creative dialogue really helped keep his presentation interesting. I think I kept my voice too monotone and didn’t add enough energy so if I worked on my speaking skills, it might help mine.

There were a few things I liked about my presentation:

  • I had my own pictures from my marathon. It added to it by making it more personal and the viewer is able to see visually that I did run & complete the marathon.
  • It was organized and the pictures weren’t cluttered.
  • It had a fun & different introduction/attention-getter.
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