Slide Share

My latest project for my class, CMST 225, was to create a Slidecast presentation. There were a number of steps to do in order to complete the assignment:

  • Write a script
  • Record myself reading script
  • Edit recording using Audacity
  • Make Power Point
  • Upload Power Point & audio to Slide Share
  • Create Slidecast

During the process, I hit a few bumps in the road. My main problem was saving audio in the correct format. I didn’t do it correct the first time, so I lost everything & had to do it all over again.

But the second time around I was a lot faster & better at editing/cutting my mistakes since I was already experienced.

I had fun creating my slidecast and matching my audio to each slide. The first couple were a little tricky, but after awhile I got better at it.

Overall, this project was a lot of fun. But it’s very time consuming and has a lot of steps. So you have to be ready to make mistakes and then fix them.

I think Slide Share is a great program and definitely makes your Power Point fun and professional looking.

Here is my Slide Share: My 1st Marathon

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