Ideas from Classmates…

During class we viewed each classmate’s blog & got a number of ideas to add to our blogs. Now I might use them for my blog too.

  • Idea #1- Resume Attachment: I really liked the idea that Tyler had to post our resume on our blog. It’s a great idea for us to make this blog an even more professional and useful blog for our future.
  • Idea #2-Email Widget: Frank’s email widget idea sounds like a fun and good way to help my reader be able to subscribe to my blog and keep up to date to my posts by getting email notifications.
  • Idea #3-Flickr Widget: Becca’s idea of the Flickr widget looked like a fun and great way to add a little personal touch to my blog. My readers could look at my pictures and be able to see what I’m interested in besides my professional interests.
  • Idea # 4- Social Vibe: I like the idea that Matt had to add the Social Vibe widget. I think it’s a wonderful way to help raise money for a charity and it also shows your readers that you’re active in helping others and what charity you support as well.
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