Blog Ideas

I’ve recently subscribed to a number of blogs through Google Reader. I really enjoy Google Reader because it’s easy for me to stay up to date with the blogs I subscribed to since their new posts are sent to me at one convenient page, my Google Reader page.

Here are 3 Blogs I subscribed to:

  • 6 Minutes: A Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Blog : This blog is really helpful for those majoring in Public Speaking or Communications or those who just want to work on their public speaking skills. It has a number of different articles that feature tips, guides, & ideas of how to present data in a speech, critique a speech, delivery techniques, etc.
  • Photoinduce: One of my hobbies is taking pictures. So, even though I’m not majoring in photography, I thought it’d be helpful to continue learning about it. One great way to do this is through information from various blogs. One blog I found very interesting & helpful is PhotoInduce. It features galleries, events, news, product reviews and many other useful tips.
  • Twin Cities Hot Spot: I’m from the Twin Cities & I am always looking for something fun & new to do there. I found a great blog that reviews the hottest, bars, restaurants & clubs & keeps you up to date on what is going on in the Twin Cities.
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1 Response to Blog Ideas

  1. Brent Adrian says:

    Nice set of links. Thanks for turning me on to 6 minutes.

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